A business's success and continued development depend heavily on its IT background.  Mainly, the question is whether that background can facilitate efficient operation and improvement. Therefore, a successful business leader must manage the company's IT at a strategic level, because an effective IT infrastructure is essential for development.

Status report

The status report contains a detailed description of the company's current IT and operational background. It also includes the technical specifications of the development plan that accomplishes the business's objectives. As a first step during the initial discussions with management, the consultant must assess the current IT systems and business model processes. Based on these discussions and the subsequent IT evaluation, the consultant determines areas for improvement.

Unique development

There are two typical approaches to IT: one is the use of 'boxed products', the other one is 'unique development'. A boxed product can be a practical solution for a company during its early stages. These straightforward products can be the right choice when the company is very young. But eventually, the rudimentary, non-business IT solutions (e.g. Excel) will prove insufficient for further improvement, and companies often struggle because they are not yet able to finance a unique development.

SAP Business One

For COM's solutions, SAP Business One software is the 'engine' of unique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This system is logical, easy to understand, simple to use, and can be appropriately customised — which is critical for unique development.

This solution serves managers who want to go beyond simple billing programs, registration systems, and the manual administration between them.