More and more businesspeople think that company management is a worn-out idea. For managers, it plays the role of a “necessary evil” because existing systems can rarely guarantee a simple, understandable overview that shows the complexity and reality of a field’s important data.


The essence of the Company System Scan is to obtain a clear picture of the IT demands needed for the firm's targeted development, including the company management solution. The Company System Scan defines the concrete IT developments necessary for the business to reach its targets. It can show how the firm can serve and realise the decision-makers' goals with the firm’s current systems. It points out the IT shortcomings that slow down or make the development of the enterprise impossible to a dangerous extent. The Company System Scan evaluates the short-, middle-, and long-term developments necessary to meet the demands of the business owners or company managers. In this manner, it determines the most cost-effective solutions.


Unique Company Control is a company management system that is perfectly and uniquely tailored to managing the needs of the customer’s present-day enterprise in order to meet the demands deriving from its future development. Unique Company Control may include the specialised application of pre-existing modules from large company management systems and can work with independently developed elements. A basic condition for creating systems of this type is the vast experience gained from successfully completed and managed projects at firms of similar size, perfect knowledge of the large company systems, and deep modular knowledge. Unique Company Control is a tailored solution for enterprises that ensures a significantly higher level, more flexible, and more dynamic business for its users.


It is imperative for each IT solution to maintain safe operation and instantly correct any errors resulting from the operation. This works most effectively in individual systems as the developer knows the details and modules of the systems well, so if any new requirement or problem originating from the use arises, they can react promptly. Unique Company Support guarantees the continuous, trouble-proof operation in the course of business