There are two typical approaches to IT: one is the use of 'boxed products', the other one is 'unique development'. A boxed product can be a practical solution for a company during its early stages. These straightforward products can be the right choice when the company is very young. But eventually, the rudimentary, non-business IT solutions (e.g. Excel) will prove insufficient for further improvement, and companies often struggle because they are not yet able to finance a unique development.


However, if the manager wants the company to keep its position or gain an advantage on the market, and the necessary financial background is available, a unique development is indispensable. That is because boxed products cannot provide a company with anything different than what it offers competitors. For a company in a more mature phase,  boxed products can mean excessive compromise, which, in many cases, can seriously limit the company's development potential. To guarantee further advancement, the company must initiate a unique development process that embraces the company's operational complexities with tailored solutions. If we adopt this approach, the IT system's development will be an unforgettable event in the life of the company.