The status report contains a detailed description of the company's current IT and operational background. It also includes the technical specifications of the development plan that accomplishes the business's objectives. As a first step during the initial discussions with management, the consultant must assess the current IT systems and business model processes. Based on these discussions and the subsequent IT evaluation, the consultant determines areas for improvement.

With the assessment in hand, the consultant creates a sophisticated development plan for the company.


The preparation process of the status report:

  1. Individual, business-strategy consultation(s) with the manager
  2. Personal interviews with the given areas’ leaders
  3. Creation of the concept plan
  4. Presentation of the concept plan, linking of operative vs strategic needs vs solutions (workshop)
  5. Fine-tuning and finalisation of the concept
  6. IT-strategic evaluation, constructing the project plan
  7. Completion of the status report
  8. Delivery and explanation of the status report, presentation of development recommendations (workshop)
  9. Further professional consultations, as necessary

The consultant's role during the creation of the status report is to assess and evaluate the business's operation, processes, and background so that they can establish a development plan that best serves the company's interests. If the development team is capable of executing the necessary developments identified during the evaluation, the consultant helps implement a unique development plan based on the company's exact needs.