Company system scan

The essence of the Company System Scan is to obtain a clear picture of the IT demands needed for the firm's targeted development, including the company management solution. The Company System Scan defines the concrete IT developments necessary for the business to reach its targets. It can show how the firm can serve and realise the decision-makers' goals with the firm’s current systems. It points out the IT shortcomings that slow down or make the development of the enterprise impossible to a dangerous extent. The Company System Scan evaluates the short-, middle-, and long-term developments necessary to meet the demands of the business owners or company managers. In this manner, it determines the most cost-effective solutions. The conscious and cost-effective development—it outlines the necessary developments step by step—takes a long-term approach; thus, current developments are executed in a way that allows them to be adjusted to expectations that may arise later on. In this manner, there is no need to start an entirely new development at a later stage. That is, the Company System Scan ensures significant cost savings for the customer. Therefore, it is an essential and unavoidable step before starting a sensible development process. During the assessment, COM creates specifications based on information about IT and business processes collected from the organisation and verified by management. Based on the business and IT information evaluation, COM drafts the company management’s development plan, which is presented to the managers providing a complex solution for executing the necessary short-, middle-, and long-term developments.



  • Identifying the goals of the client
  • Mapping the IT infrastructure of the client
  • Mapping the complete administrative processes
  • Performing the complex assessment



  • Business-strategy interviews with the chief manager
  • Individual interviews with the managers of certain fields
  • Survey of the business directing system/current systems and their functions
  • Producing a company management concept plan
  • Presenting the company management concept plan, checking modification requirements (workshop)
  • Fine-tuning of the company management concept plan
  • Producing the company management assessment
  • Delivering the company management assessment, presenting suggestions for development
  • Further necessary professional discussions


Assessment of company management is the first, fundamental step in the complex development process.
Assessment of company management can also be performed separately, independent of the complex development process.