For COM's solutions, SAP Business One software is the 'engine' of unique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This system is logical, easy to understand, simple to use, and can be appropriately customised — which is critical for unique development.

This solution serves managers who want to go beyond simple billing programs, registration systems, and the manual administration between them. Today's managers need a solution that is efficient, adequately sophisticated, and applicable to multiple areas — all tailored to the operational needs of the company.

Using SAP Business One, the following functionalities can be combined into one system:

  • Management of financial processes, complete controlling
  • Procurement coordination, inventory control
  • Complex management and supervision of production processes
  • Service system, lifecycle tracking

No matter what goes into the system, it must be reliable. This is especially true during a business development process, as new tasks and increased growth can burden the system. Because these systems govern the essential operations of a company and allow for the business's improvement, a manager must be able to rely on the team that implemented and developed the system. COM's team stands by the partner's side throughout the entire consultation, development, and support phases. By getting to know the company and its business needs, COM's team tracks the company's improvement and takes its business to the next level.